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Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

You are passionate about your new business. You are familiar with your local market, and you are preparing to launch. You’ve thought about online marketing, but you’re not sure which online marketing tools for small businesses to use. You need a marketing plan that works and will increase your business revenue.

You also need a website and social media accounts. Your website needs to interact with your social media accounts.  You will need a source of data that will tell you which marketing strategies are working and which ones are not.

For a new business owner, it can seem overwhelming.

How do you start branding your company online? How do you decide which keywords to use? How do you obtain visibility in the search engines?  How do you get amazing content that will engage your readers?  How would you know if your website and social media pages are being viewed?  Are your blog posts being shared?  How are your competitors getting leads?

Where do you begin?

Don’t worry. There are a variety of tools that can help you with creating and maintaining an effective marketing strategy online.

Here are some great online marketing tools for small businesses. 

small business marketing

The Money Is In The List!

My guess is that you are here because you want to start an online business to make money, right?

Well, Online Marketing, Making Money Online (aka MMO) is the hardest business on the planet!

The first thing you encounter is the “shiny objects,” people dangling money on a fish hook telling you you’ll be rich over night, and all your money problems will be over!  (That’s complete horse Pucky!)

Only to find out that you were in a money trap (aka The Funnel), and the more you spent, the more lost you were!

Well I’m here to tell you that you can make money online, your money problems will be over, however, you won’t be rich over night…

I started online in 2011 and didn’t make my first dollar until 2014, yep 3 years spiraling in the Funnel; I  spent around $3000 by then and my first sale was $7.00 and after I made my first sale, I had to figure out how to do it again?

Well The Money Is In The List! You need a massive email list if you are to survive making money online.

Learn how to start and grow your list and start making money online now…

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Do You Think Chris Hemsworth Is Good Choice For The Men In Black Reboot

The <strong>Men In Black Reboot</strong> appears to be moving ahead for possible production, but I wonder if Chris Hemsworth may not be the correct choice for the lead. See why I say that below…

<h2>Do You Think Chris Hemsworth Is Good Choice For The Men In Black Reboot</h2>

For 15 years across three movies, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were the MIB agents we followed along with one the big screen, donning their sharp suits and keeping Earth safe from alien threats. But the Men in Black film series is about to enter a new era, as the forthcoming movie will follow an all-new cast of characters. Today brings word that longtime Marvel star Chris Hemsworth is the first actor who’s been approached to play one of these new well-dressed agents.


Rather than reboot the Men in Black franchise, the next series entry will exist within the same continuity established by the previous three movies, and THR dropped the news that Chris Hemsworth is in early negotiations to be one of the next movie’s leads. It was also reported that the new Men in Black movie’s main protagonists will be a white character (presumably who Hemsworth will play), a black woman and an older man. The story will also be set in London, making this the first time that one of the Men in Black movies’ main action has been set outside of the United States.

<p style=”padding-left: 30px;”><a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>The New Men In Black Movie May Have Found Its First Lead</a></p>
So Chris Hemsworth is in early discussions to put on the iconic black suit, but is he the correct choice? I lean towards no, only because he’s so embedded in the minds and hearts of movie goers as Thor the God of Thunder. For him to overcome that in our minds, the script has to be so compelling that we no longer watch the film feeling it’s “Thor” pretending to be a guy in a suit. That may affect the number of people who purchase a movie ticket, and that’s a serious aspect that movie studios will factor in.

What do you think?

Will Chris Hemsworth be the correct choice for the <strong>Men In Black Reboot</strong>?

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